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Important information about color contact lenses without prescription:

Colored lenses without power are suitable for all people, it should be noted that this type of color lenses cannot correct vision problems, such as far or short-sightedness. There are several different types of colored contact lenses without strength, the best known are the annual lenses and the monthly lenses. At Marior you can order color lenses without strength online. We also have many different colors to choose from, such as colored contact lenses in green without strength.

How much do non presciptin colored contact lenses cost?

That depends on the quality of the color lenses without strength and how long you can use them, in most cases, colored contact lenses without strength are cheaper than colored contact lenses with power, as it is easier to produce them.

What exactly are Hidrocor colored contact lenses?

Marior Hidrocor color lenses are especially natural as they do not have a limbus ring. A limbus ring is a small dark ring on the outer edge of the lens. Since we did not use this ring with our contact lens design, we were able to produce natural colored contact lenses.

We offer you a wide range of opaque contact lens colors, which are suitable for every eye color. In our assortment you will find green colored contact lenses as well as blue colored lenses. We recommend you to take a closer look on our large selection of coloured contact lenses: Ochre, Marine, Crystal, Azul, Icy Gray, Mel, Quartz, Topaz, Graphite and Verde, which leave no wish unanswered.

What else makes the Marior Hidrocor lenses so special?

Apart from the strong covering power of the colored lenses, the color lenses also have a high water content, so the wearing feeling is very pleasant and light. By the way, our lenses are annual lenses with color, which means you can use them for 12 months before you have to dispose of them. Due to the long wearing time you can use Marior color lenses for many different events.

For whom are the Marior Hidrocor lenses suitable?

The Marior Hidrocor lenses are suitable for anyone who likes to change or intensify their eye color, whether old or young, male or female does not matter. Our lenses leave no limits to your imagination. We sell colored contact lenses for brown eyes, with high coverage, but our coloured lenses are just as suitable for blue eyes. Colored contact lenses from Dubai are very popular and we offer you the best colored lenses in Europe.

For which occasion can I wear colored Hidrocor lenses?

Since our color lenses are very natural and comfortable, you can wear them both in everyday life and on special occasions. Maybe you would like to change your eye color to make beautiful selfies? No problem! Our lenses also look very natural on pictures and videos.