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Colored Contacts
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You would like to highlight and intensify your natural eye colour? Or do you even want to change your eye colour completely? Our high quality colour lenses make it possible without going under the knife. At Marior, we are committed to providing the best coloured contact lenses. Our natural coloured lenses are suitable for every eye colour. Thus, people with bright and dark eyes have no problem changing their eye colour. In order to inform you about contact lenses in the best possible way, we have answered some important questions about coloured lenses.

What contact lenses with colour are there?

Soft colored contact lenses are available as daily, monthly and annual lenses. The disposable lenses are disposed of after a single wear, which means the care of the lenses is eliminated. The disadvantage of daily lenses: Compared to all other lenses, they are the most expensive type of contact lenses and can only be used once. Colored or patterned contact lenses change or accentuate the eye color and are available with or without prescription.

What are colorful contact lenses?

Contact lenses that give a different eye color or just emphasize your own eye color, are called colorful lenses or colored lenses. This lens type is available with strength and without. The oxygen permeability differs depending on the model of the contact lens. Colored contact lenses are suitable for people with and without low vision. It is important for colored lenses that they have the same hygienic requirements as normal lenses, to not endanger the health of your eyes.

Am I too young for lenses with paint?

No of course not. But, it is important to use the lenses correctly, to not distort or break them.

Can contact lenses with colour hurt the eyes?

Colour lenses should never hurt your eyes. Everybody perceives the feeling of wearing lenses differently. Most colour lenses have a high wearing comfort, the wearer hardly fells the lens and it does not hurt him. As a rule, one gets used to the feeling of the lenses in the eye very quickly. Fatigue or too dry eyes can cause discomfort. Whether it hurts or is just uncomfortable, varies from person to person, due to the different sensations of pain in the end.

What if I have something in my eyes?

If a foreign matter gets under the coloured lens, it can hurt. In most cases it is enough to rub the affected eye lightly. In an emergency, the lens should be removed with washed hands, rubbed with a saline solution and then replaced. In addition, special eye drops can be used. If you often get an unpleasant feeling, or even pain when wearing the lenses with colour, you should definitely visit a specialist and seek advice.

Can coloured contact lenses break easily ?

Of course, coloured contact lenses can break, but they can withstand a lot. The biggest danger for coloured lenses are fingernails. Therefore you should take them out of the packaging with the utmost care. You should never squeeze the colourful lenses with your fingernails. The myth that coloured lenses can slip behind the eye is a mistake. This is definitely not possible.

How long can I wear colored lenses?

12 hours is a rough guideline for the wearing time of colored contact lenses. However, the wearing period varies and depends on the individual compatibility. The own feeling should decide from when one feels a color lens as unpleasant. If the comfort decreases, you should give your eyes a break or use eye drops.

Care and cleaning of colored lenses

The color lens care does not take much time, but should still be done properly. In the first step you should wash your hands, then you can take the color lenses out of the eye to thoroughly clean them and then put them back in the storage container. When cleaning, make sure that the colored lenses do not come into contact with tap water, as there may be bacteria in the water. To clean and store the lenses with paint, you can use a combination solution (all-in-one solution).

Can I sleep with color lenses?

We definitely advise against sleeping with color lenses. When sleeping, the eyelid is closed for a long time, so no oxygen gets to the eye and the cornea. The color lens could therefore be soaked in the eye, resulting in a milky vision and reddened eyes.

Make-up and make-up removal with colored lenses

You can wear and remove make up without any problems with colored lenses , but there are a few rules to stick to. It is very important to put in the lenses first and then start applying make-up. Of course, the insertion of color lenses should be done only with washed hands. For make-up you can use your favourite products. Before you want to remove your make-up, you should remove the contact lenses with color from the eye, so that nothing can be deposited on the color lenses.